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      Trends come and go but comfort is forever

      With the absence of underwire and excessive paddings, Yintimates advocates a new vision of femininity - Women who feel fabulous in their natural figure.  


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      The Petite Struggles 

      Undergarments is a woman's most intimate piece of clothing; feeling comfortable in them should never be compromised. 

      Over the years, small-breast women suffered the uncomfortable push up bras and icky underwire simply because small breasts were always being treated as if it is something to be fixed. 


      - - - - - - - - - -


      A brand by Petite, For Petites 

      As a petite herself, the founder, Yin understands not all women want to supersize their breasts and many are looking for comfortable lingerie that fits well. 

      Armed with 5-years experience working for an undergarments manufacturer, she decided to take matters into own hands and launch her own intimate wear label; a label for small breasts. 


      - - - - - - - - - -


      Lingerie, The Yintimates Ways

      Yintimates specialized in petite-size intimate wears, with all the products designed specifically for women below the C cup range and keeping comfort as the utmost priority.

      Every piece is designed with the correct cut and fit, coupled with body-countouring bra pads to provide just the right amount of lift and support while sublimely enhance your femininity in a natural way. 

      Because small breasts do not need huge support, it enables us to use more delicate materials on our products. We use only carefully selected, fine quality fabrics and laces on our products. Each style is fit-tested during proto stage before we decide which piece gets pick to go into production. 

      Each piece are carefully hand-cut and sewn and each style is produced only in small quantity to ensure workmanship and quality.  

      All our products are proudly made in Malaysia.