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      It’s been a long time since the last heart-felt letter.

      A quick rewind to the last quarter of 2021.

      That was me, looking at the identical, leftover inventory I churned out took up space in our little work studio, I began to feel doubtful and confused. At the same time, my enthusiasm and excitement of sewing and making lingerie fizzled out. Unbeknownstly, I’ve turned myself into a machine.

      Our brain, body and hands are capable of unparalleled feats, like choreographing and performing a beautiful dance performance, or turning simple ingredients into a little feast for the palate and the eyes, or transforming fabric and lace into a wearable piece of art. But each one of us has only a limited lifetime, and I wished not to spend it as a soulless machine.

      Moving from “ready-made” to “made-to-order” is probably an unprecedented decision in today’s consumerism landscape. But as a small business, this mode of operation allows me to work more intentionally. Most importantly, it creates space for creativity to flow. Over time, enthusiasm and excitement of making lingerie return.


      behind the seams


      To perfect a new design, from prototyping to test fitting, at the same time ensuring the new designs are cost and time-effective to produce, it takes months for a team to accomplish in a conventional company; it took me even longer as a solopreneur.

      It took more than 7 months for this new collection to come to life. It is a special commemoration to Yintimates’ 5th anniversary. A collection that is like no other in all our previous creations; one that encourages you to embrace your truest forms and shapes.



      We were honoured to work with the Sanren team - Peng, Song and Jion, for this special collection as we are a huge fan of their unique, authentic aesthetic. Communicating only of our brand philosophy and the theme of this collection, we left the entire art direction to them.

      I am both surprised and delighted that they took a radical approach to commercial shooting by using solely film for the photos. With limited number of frames, the photographer needs to pay close attention and carefully consider the composition of each shot before clicking the shutter, making each shot fully intentional, which delightfully coincide with our belief in intentional creation.

      Started out as a petite lingerie brand, we have never used a professional model; one that fulfills the society’s standard of beauty. Even as we expanded our size range, we still apply the same practice. It took me some time to find the model with the same vibrational energy and I’m so glad when I found Yiyi. Defying the norm, she chases her dream fearlessly and dedicatedly, which I hugely admired. Stood at 5 ft 2 in, she is by no means perfect by the societal beauty standard; just an ordinary person like every one of us.

      Peng and Song beautifully captured her truest form and spirit, in her best angle. I am humbled by this experience as we all could learn the same by focus and amplify our beauty and strength instead of our flaws.



      With some unforeseen circumstances, we lost two rolls of films. Being ever responsible and professional, the team offered to do another photoshoot to make up for the lost photos to which we turned down. Like the Japanese proverb, - “ichigo ichie”, every moment spent in an encounter is once in a lifetime only and can never be recreated. Instead we opted to have some photos taken from the snapshot of the video footage and the final photos and video still took my breath away. We may never know how the photos in the lost rolls look like, but this unique encounter will forever have a special memory attached to this collection, and that itself is beautiful. 



      This collection is an invitation to come back to your body, the vessel that carry this precious life, to initiate a conversation between your soul and your body, in their truest forms.

      We hope this collection inspire you to look beyond the surface, seek your truth and connect with your essence.

      May you find the subtle, sensual branches of your soul, ignite your true sensual self and meet the quintessence of being yourself.