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       Lingerie that actually fits 


      I started Yintimates as a small business when I found that it was difficult to find comfortable bralettes that fit me. Since 2017, I have continuously created ready-to-wear bralettes specially made for petites. Over time, I have also expaned the range to be more size inclusive. Every piece is designed and sewn by myself.



      However, when the pandemic hit, I found myself re-evaluating Yintimates. There are so many ready to wear lingerie brands easily available, what makes Yintimates so different? And that was when it hit me. We do not lack choice, we lack personalization.

      Therefore, I have decided to remove all size labels by making Yintimates a made-to-measure brand where almost everything can be personalised. We don’t just take your measurements; we pay attention to what you love! I believe each one of you deserves that extra attention, so does your intimate pieces!


      Love, YY