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      Behind The Seams

      Full Coverage Bralette - Upgraded!

      A little update on what's going on behind-the-seams and screen! 

      Sometimes it feels kind of weird to address myself as “we” just because Yintimates is a business entity. As you have already known, this is just a one-woman enterprise. So, allow me to ignore the formalities and just go by “I” !

      While I have been quiet on social media, there were a lot going on behind-the-screen! After a year long contemplation, I have bit the bullet and left my full-time job because it has come to a point that I must make a choice between security that comes from a stable job and pursuing something I am truly passionate in.

      Since March, I have been working on a few projects on Yintimates. The first was Myra Bra Top and the second project was the Charlotte Bralette. Both items were very well received by those of you who have managed to grab one for yourself, which was a huge, huge encouragement to me.  

      So even though they are no longer available for sale, I have decided to include them in the new product photo-shoot, for memory sake.

      Myra Bra Top made with a Geometric Pattern Lace

      I thought the geometric pattern and the little scallop edge at the armhole and back made this bra top both edgy and feminine.


      Charlotte Bralette made with Floral Pattern Lace

      Since the debut of Lara Bralette in 2017, I seemed to take a liking in keyhole design, so I have incorporated it in a different silhouette.

      Charlotte Bralette is a longline bralette that comes with a keyhole design to spice up an otherwise normal longline bralette. I later realized that many of you seemed to like the keyhole design as much as I do!


      Then, I moved on to make improvements to our current product range. I worked on the full coverage bralette as a start as it is a crowd favorite for everyday wear. What was loved by the customers – the coverage, support and lift – were retained while I worked on improving the versatility and shaping effect.


      New, upgraded version of full coverage bralette! 

      All items developed prior to this were test fitted solely by myself, who wore a size S. This product improvement project was further supported by my dear friends who wore size M and L as they agreed to be my fit models.

      The Chantelle Convertible Bralette comes with side wings for coverage and comfort.

      The wide underbust band with lace overlay provides support and lift for the breast.

      The wide hook and eye closure enable adjustment according to weight fluctuations.

      The cups were joint in the middle for a more push in and push up effects, which enhances breast shape.

      I have also included boning at the side seam to give a more structural look and for added support.

      The fully detachable bra straps enable more styling options – you could wear the bralette the classic way, crossed back or halter style.


      The Chantelle Convertible Bralette is now available for purchase on our website. You can click here to see more pictures and to make your purchase.

      Up next, I will be working on new items that could hopefully be your lingerie wardrobe staple and for your everyday-wear. Till then, do check out our IG stories and posting from time to time for latest news and updates!

      Wishing everyone Happy Hari Raya holiday, in advance!



      Yintimates Turns ONE!

      Yintimates is turning ONE tomorrow!

      As a small and new lingerie label, we are grateful for the growth opportunities that were presented to us since our launch. Over the last 12 months, we have launched a total of 17 bralettes, met and talked to many of our customers in person during our first pop up event at Midvalley. We also had a really fun International Women's Day doing The Peach Bag sales and customizing the content of the bags to ensure everyone gets something they like.


      Not many people know that we do not have our own sewing studio and were sewing our lingerie using other people’s place and facilities while doing the paperwork, order handling from home. 

      Our operation is very small with only two pairs of hands behind the sewing machines. I started off with zilch sewing skills but my talented sewing partner taught me how to sew, helped materialized the designs I have in my head into prototypes and later turned them into actual products. Together, we explored and experimented different sewing techniques and handmade 13 bralettes and  17 panties, all on our own. The past 2 years of working together has been nothing short of incredible; it was very exciting, fun and fulfilling. As much as we wish to continue to work together, the time has come for us to part due to unforeseen circumstances :'(


      Despite the challenges we now face with the absence of our sewing partner, we are committed to continue the journey and make better products for you. We have recently purchased our own sewing machines and have gotten ourselves a very affordable space to work on our projects and to store our raw materials.

      We are thrilled to announce that we have also developed our first batch of elastic band and straps, dyed to the exact color we requested and is really looking forward to include them in the upcoming products! 


      It is truly incredible how a passionate personal project had blossomed into a small business. As a small business, we handled every aspect of the business by ourselves, from raw materials selection, sourcing, prototype and production down to packing, shipping and customer service.

      Now, with the absence of our sewing partner, we are now short of hands on our initially already small operation, it may take longer time for us to come up with new items, probably with fewer items in each launch.

      However, It is our intention to keep our operation small to maintain a standard of quality. We seek your patience and understanding but do drop us an email or DM if you need something made for you, we will try our best to accommodate to your request! 

      While it wasn’t easy to run Yintimates while having a full time job, it was all worth it. In fact, I’ve almost forgotten about Yintimates’ first birthday until two days ago, which explained this unplanned post that has no fancy pictures. But this is a true depiction of Yintimates' behind-the-scene; there’s nothing glamourous but piles of laces, fabrics, sweat and if I may add, a lot of dust (from the cutting of all the fabric, lace and elastic)

      Nevertheless, it was very fulfilling to know that our idea of comfortability and beauty resonates with yours. Our heart is so full with all the love from our customers, the support from the talents we worked with – pattern maker, photographer, make-up artist, KOL and many others who always delivered beyond what were asked of them.

      Yintimate wouldn’t have been able to come this far without all your love and support and we would like to extend our gratitude to you for being part of this journey. 

      As part of the celebration of our one year mark, we are having a ONE-DAY-ONLY birthday sale! On 4 Aug 2018, simply key in YTMTURNSONE in the discount code column during checkout to enjoy 20% off your entire purchase, applicable to ALL items in our website! 

      Happy Shopping!



      Greatest Deal Ever

      Hello Pixies!

      It has been 7 months since we launched our website on 4 Aug 2017, I must say the past 7 months had been wonderful! Yintimates may still in its infancy but the love and support we received from you lovely ladies, and some of your plus ones had been incredible!

      We were delighted to finally met and talked to many of you at the 3-day pop-up sales at Aria The Label, Mid Valley last month and would like to thank Aria The Label for the opportunity and for the assistance Aria Squad had given us during the 3-day sales event.



      The 3-day sales event had opened our eyes to the retailing scene and it was a great platform to hear feedback and encouragement from our customers, we hope we could do more of these events in the future so we could reach more of you :)



      If you have been following our blog, IG stories or had chatted with us before, you would know Yintimates is actually a very small business. Except for the first 4 bralettes we produced with a small home-based maker in Vietnam, all other bralettes and undies are hand cut and sewn piece by piece in our home ground, Malaysia and they only come in very limited quantities, which was why we have to take the inventory off our website temporarily when we were holding a pop up at Aria in order to avoid duplicate sales but they are now updated again!



      At Yintimates, we take pride in our products and services and we don't believe in price competition so cutting price is not something we do often. However, we would like to return the love to all of you lovely ladies and hopefully provide a preliminary try for pixies who are still hesitating to try out a new brand like us.

      This coming International Women’s Day, we will be holding The Peach Bag Sales!


      Each bag consists of 2 Bralettes and 2 Panties at ONLY MYR238! 


      It may or may not be of the matching top and bottom based on availability. 

      For our existing customers, we will look into our record and include something that you don’t already own in your Peach Bag so you will not have 2 pieces of the same item!

      We think this would make such a great surprise gift for yourself or for the important women in your life! 

      There will be only 30 Peach Bags up for grab! So, fastest finger first! 

      Sales starts at 3pm on 8 March 2018. Mark your calendar and set a reminder on your phone now! 

      Funds we collected from the Peach Bag Sales will be channeled to the development of our new project!

      As a small business, our cost are high because we source the fabric and lace from overseas and carry them back to Malaysia in our luggage. Not to mention, it is a project that is highly labor-intensive and time consuming from cutting, sewing, trimming to the finishing of the final product.

      However, it is always our goal to come up with product with lower price point so more small-boob babes and students can benefit from it. We are so excited to let you know the new project that we are working on now is one that we aim to price lower. We will be developing some basic but functional styles that would be your wardrobe essentials!

      Stay tuned for more updates and do participate in our IG poll from time to time! If you have any suggestion or any particular style you would like to bring our attention to, please drop us a DM or an email, we look forward to hearing from you! :) 






      Hello, Pixies! 

      This is Yin, founder of Yintimates. It's been 20 days since Yintimates' official launch. I thought I should say hello to you lovelies.

      If you are reading this, you have probably read "The Brand" where we gave you a short introduction of Yintimates. I know not everyone wants to know the story behind a brand but this post is for those who would like to know a little more about us :) 



      Yintimates is born out of my passion and love for comfortable inner wears and it is (almost) a one-woman-show here because we are a very small business. In fact, I don't think it should be called a business even, it is more like a personal project.

      Because we are small, we rely on no one but ourselves to source, select, purchase the raw materials and bringing them back to Malaysia for production. 




      I do not have a fashion background but my short stint with an undergarment manufacturing company that manufactures for the global big brands provides me some insights and experience I believe is useful to Yintimates. So, from conceptualizing, designing, prepping and cutting the lace, fabrics and trims are all done by me. 



      We engaged professionals to draft the paper patterns and to sew the lingerie but work very closely with them; while I am unable to handle most of the technical sewings, I participated in some parts of it myself (the simple ones!) and trimmed every excess threads off the lingerie. This seemingly simple work gives me opportunities to do a quality and workmanship inspection from the VERY start, till end. 

      If you've send us an email or DM and wondering who is YY; that's me too! Yin is my name but I preferred to be called YY simply because that's what most of my friends are calling me. If you are one of the many people who have been hesitating to give our bralettes a try because you do not know which one suits your needs better and which size you should be getting, please drop us an email or send us a DM, we will try our best to assist and accomodate to your requests! :D 



      I also pack each and every package, so if you are sending the lingerie as a gift to your loved ones and would like us to include a personal message on a card or wrap the package in a different way, please do drop us a message too! I would be delighted to take part in the creation of a surprise for the people who matters to you. 



      Yintimates is a project I do while still working a day job because life is not a bed of roses and unfortunately I have bills to pay. But this is a project that I pursue with full passion and it took me 3 years and countless prototypes to make it come to life, I definitely would love to keep doing this, and hopefully I'll be doing this full time one day. So each and every little support, be it a purchase, suggestion or feedback from you means a great deal to me. 

      We are very thankful for those of you who have faith in us from the very beginning and have reached out to us via emails and DMs to tell us how much you like our creations. You have no idea how much it means to us! As an introvert, I don't communicate well face-to-face but I totally love how I could talk to some of you like we are friends. 

      As for those of you who are still hesitating to give us a try by paying full price for an independant lingerie brand that is totally new (and small), trust us, we've been there, done that! I am happy to tell you that we will be having a ONE-DAY only special promotion on Malaysia's National Day, where you will be getting 20% off your entire purchase if you checkout with discount code MERDEKASALES20 on 31 Aug 2017. The promo is valid for one day only, remember to mark your calendar! 

      I guess that's all for now. Till then, please send us an email or DM if you have any question. You could also drop us a message even if you just want to say!